Saturday, September 29, 2012

Week ending 9/29/12 Govinda Kai

Monday  9/24 (no practice)
Woke up with horrible pain in my right hip and down right leg, nauseous and dizzy
I just returned from the Chiropractor and this is what he says...
Sacroiliac Subluxation on the right side causing piriformis to pinch the sciatic nerve
recommendation: Ice, Aleve, Rest, another adjustment chiropractic adjustment mid week
contraindications: forward folding, back bending, standing twists, seated twists
:( he took away my entire practice and on the week of Govinda Kai! I'm not even sure whether or not to come for lectures as I have such a hard time sitting, standing or being still for any length of time at all without discomfort and an upset stomach due to that discomfort.
Do I take rest? Do I practice gently? Do I cry...because I've done a little bit of that already :)
Tuesday 9/25 (shala)
practice was so wonderful this morning! Govinda said it must have been a miracle :)
External rotation of my thigh is still quite sore, I've chosen to stand at work rather than sit since sitting causes a great deal of discomfort to my lower glute and hamstring but I'm walking without hitting the floor or crying and that is great progress :)
Wednesday 9/25
"would you like to bind?"
Govinda asked me this question as I worked on my 3rd repetition of Marichyasana C
"every day" is what I silently said in my head but my response was something along the lines of "we can try"
and so we did :)
Thursday 9/27
Assisted drop backs out of the blue
good thing too because it happened too fast for me to be scared
Friday 9/28
Practice all week has been later than I usually practice. Starting at 8:30 means it is warmer in the room and the sun is up shining through the windows...both lead to more sweat. It also means I've had my morning cup of coffee. I read somewhere that Sharath has a cup of coffee each morning before practice as well, "no coffee, no prana." So I'm not sure which of the 3 factors are contributing to the added sweat but I likey :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Week ending 9/15/12

Th Sept 6 (shala)
Right hamstring prevents full extentsion on right side parivritta trikonasana
adjustment in utthita parshvakonasana 2nd side: the slight pulling back of my right hip sent a sensation up the right side of my body and I immediately felt it in my right shoulder
hard time balancing again in the Utthita Hasta postures
Super strong feeling in purvottanasana again, feels like flying
Right hip sore in utthita parshvasahita and ardha badha padma paschimottanasana
Right hamstring not happy in Janu Shrirshasana B
2nd Side Marichyasana B struggle to bind again
5 x Marichyasana C, breathing more easily, feeling the twist more deeply. slight soreness under kidneys after the release, mula bandha engaged?
Urdhva Dhanurasana, feeling much stronger here, feet feel square neck feels comfortable
Karna Pidasana - deepest I've ever felt in this posture, felt my neck get fuller extension, heard little pops but did not feel pain possibly between c3 - c6, the noise did startle me

Sat Sept 8 (hotel practice)
spent 8 hrs in car on 8/31, definitely needed this practice
had to stop after first Surya Namaskara B for bm
practiced through Purvattonasana then closing sequence no shoulder stands
breathing very even through practice
I do not like practicing in the A/C

Sun Sept 9 (home practice)
spent 8 hrs in car today
short practice through opening/basic and closing sequence

Mon Sept 10 (no practice)
Right wrist, elbow and shoulder sore

Tue Sept 11 (shala)
Right wrist sore
Right hamstring prevents full extentsion on right side parivritta trikonasana
able to balance again in the Utthita Hasta postures but cannot take full extension of Right leg due to tight hamstring
paschimottanasana B - right wrist sore sore when reaching for the bind
ardha badha padma paschimottanasana felt so good today on BOTH sides. took my time getting into the pose and waited to be settled before counting my breath. Right hip was warm and comfortable
Right hamstring sore in Janu Shrirshasana B forward fold, adjustment helped. Remember to be mindful of folding forward and avoid leaning to the left side
4 x Marichyasana C, definitely feeling more comfortable here since I let go of the "need to bind", find I'm more focused on evening out my breath in the twist, traps tight
Urdhva Dhanurasana could only do one. could NOT put pressure down on right wrist, searing/very hot feeling up the right forearm
Finished with closing sequence (no shoulder stands, had to leave for work)